2016 Rio Olympics Michael Phelps - The Most Decorated Olympian Was A Hero And A Villain In One

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian having earned more than twenty gold medals until the present. People who have followed his career as a champion swimmer believed that he is made up of a different stuff. He possesses extraordinary ability.

However, Michael Fred Phelps II is born with imperfections too. He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) according to Additude. But this he used to his advantage. He has the ability to focus well. He also has fears particularly fear of drowning or aqua phobia. His fear of drowning led him to become a remarkable swimmer.

He was a hero for bringing in pride for his country. The gold medalist was a hero because he also duplicated himself. He put up Michael Phelps Foundation to train future swimming champions.

However, he became a villain alternately after every heroic deed as per HofMag. After he made world records and great achievements, he would lapse into misdeeds. Twice he was apprehended for driving under influence. He was put into probation. He showed lack of judgment for using water pipe for smoking. Phelps has since apologized for all his mistakes.
2016 Rio Olympics Michael Phelps - The Most Decorated Olympian Was A Hero And A Villain In One
He was able to stay in a rehabilitation facility because of his drinking. It was determined that his traumatic past caused his unaddressed drinking.

When he was a young boy, Michael Phelps moved a stone and a snake came slithering towards him. This has traumatized him for life. His absentee father also contributed to his problematic personality.
His coach that he met when he was a teenager became instrumental to his success. Coach Bob Bowman became a father to him aside from being his mentor. The second name of his son was taken from his coach’s name.

Phelps is a changed man now. His wife Nicole and his baby Boomer Robert Phelps made his life worth living for. Moreover, his victories never stop. Proofs are the three gold medals he won in different categories in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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