Embattled ZIFA chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze faces D-day.

Embattled ZIFA chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze was on Friday night making frantic efforts to reach out to disgruntled assembly members, trying to convince them to cancel the potentially explosive emergency meeting set to be held in Harare on Saturday.
Embattled ZIFA chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze
Embattled ZIFA chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze
Mashingaidze had hinted that the assembly meeting should be held in June but the councilors believe football has been in a sorry state for a long time and cannot afford another delay.

The councilors who petitioned for the meeting feel that serious divisions within the Zifa board have stalled meaningful development of the game.

Zifa board president Cuthbert Dube and Mashingaidze lead a clique that includes John Phiri, Fungai Chihuri, Twine Phiri which is trying to oust fellow board members Miriam Sibanda, Omega Sibanda and Ben Gwarada.

One of the people pushing for the meeting on Saturday at Oasis Hotel pointed out that Mashingaidze has reached to him.

“We have been trying to talk to Mashingaidze and Dube for a long time so that they address problems in our football but we were being ignored.

“The major problem with our football at the moment is the politicking and it’s all killing development and trust from potential sponsors.

“Now because Mashingaidze failed to stop this meeting after Fifa indicated that there is nothing wrong with the gathering, he is phoning people and trying to convince them to stay away.

‘But it’s too late and if they have face, Dube and Mash should come and face the councilors now,” said the source.

Women’s football boss Sibanda has frosty relations with Mashingaidze and is said to be among the people seeking to move a motion to dismiss the chief executive from his duties. “Dube listens to Mash mainly while he does not trust other people’s ideas on football and that is why we are in a mess.
“We feel Mash’s time is up now and he should go because he lies a lot. If he mobilised women councilors to fire Sibanda then he should taste his own medicine. Sports Zone.
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