Chelsea star Hazard is out with injury for 2-3 weeks.

This is not good at this time of the season ! Chelsea's superstar Eden Hazard is set to be out for at most 3 weeks following his injury during the crucial match against PSG yesterday night . The brilliant Belgian was substituted after just 18 minutes into the match .

But the good news is that Chelsea have shown they can perform well without their star . Against PSG yesterday , Chelsea won 2-0 and the goals came after he was substituted .In the match over last weekend against Stoke City , Chelsea commanded every area very well including Hazard's flank and they won comfortably without him though he was introduced late second half but his contributions can be overlooked .

Chelsea star Hazard is out with injury for 2-3 weeks.
I am not saying he is not key to Chelsea's campaign so far , all am saying is that Chelsea can perform without him . A lot of pressure has been on Hazard through out Chelsea's campaign this season . So I think without him , Chelsea will choose to explore other areas of strengths they have . Look at Schurrle and Salah , they are good as Hazard , quick and with good shot power but still in the learning process according to Mourinho.

Now Hazard is absent , these two players can fill his boots and try and showcase their talents to impress Mourinho . Am sure Chelsea fans will be looking forward to the match against Liverpool which may be a title decider and hoping Hazard will be fit . Well , Mourinho in a press conference announced that he has a calf injury and is expected to be back in two or three weeks.
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