Zimbabwe soccer 'fans' heartbreak

Grace Chingoma Senior Sports Reporter
A DARK cloud hung over soccer fans on Saturday evening and they took to the social media platforms to express their disappointment over the re-election of Cuthbert Dube as the Zifa president for another term. While the councillors, who had the mandate to vote for the Zifa board, saw it fit that Dube was the best candidate among the four who were vying for the top post, the fans believe otherwise.

The ordinary soccer fans, who part with their hard-earned cash to watch league or national team matches, feel that our football will not develop under Dube.

It was a unison chorus. They expected the Saturday election to bring in another leader.
They have gone through all pangs of pain as the senior national team failed to qualify for the African Cup of Nations for the umpteenth time. It has become a miserable tale for the fans.

Soccer fans’ heartbreak
And on Saturday night as news began to filter from the Zifa Village in Mount Hampden that Dube had won again, they poured their heartbreaks on Facebook pages such as Herald, DeMbare DotComs, Bosso Live and Sportsline .

It was touching. Even a neutral person, who didn’t know much about Trevor Carelse-Juul, Leslie Gwindi and Nigel Munyati could feel that something was wrong somewhere.

The fans feel that the councillors bestowed with all the powers had misrepresented them.

They were not happy that the former PSMAS chief executive, who is reported to have watched between one or three national team matches only, was back in office.

After all, people will always talk and make allegations. For now the real fans can only despair. Fifa were represented by Ashford Mamelodi and soon the Zurich office will send its congratulatory message to 53 Livingstone Avenue.

Forty-four councillors have spoken and in Dube they believe and they want the whole nation to believe so.
Well, the fans can say a tonne of words, cry a million times but the reality is they have to embrace the new Zifa board and hope it can revive our soccer, woo the corporate world and have the junior national teams back in action.

The fans should pray that the board will bring back the confidence of all the players that our football is still alive and Zimbabwe would be at the 2015 African Cup of Nations in Morocco.

For now we can only hope and only God knows what’s in store for our football for the next four years.
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