Gerrard pen 33, pen 46, Suarez 83

Full Time Manchester United 0 Liverpool 3
90+2 min Ironic cheers from those who remain as Clattenburg awards the home team a free kick on the edge of the area. Rooney chips it delicately into the Stretford End.
90 min Liverpool send Aspas on for the outstanding, if slightly unbalanced, Daniel Sturridge. Four minutes added.
Breaking through: Luis Suárez causes consternation in the Manchester United box at Old Trafford

Gary Neville says: "At some point this season these United players are going to have to turn up for David Moyes. United have been tactically naive today though."
89 min As the United fans drift back off towards Surrey, Liverpool hunt a fourth goal but Henderson shoots straight at De Gea. Olympiakos, 2-0 up from the first leg, arrive here on Wednesday with United's season in their grasp.

87 min It's a what we have we hold message from Moyes now who sends on Rio Ferdinand instead of Juan Mata. Coutinho unloads from 25 yards, beats De Gea, but the ball flashes a foot wide of the post. Liverpool fans unveil a banner proclaiming David Moyes as a football genius.

GOAL!!!! Manchester United 0 LIVERPOOL 3 (Luis Suarez 83 min)
Women and children off first. United, down to ten men, flapping around wildly, appeal for offside as Suarez collects the ball in the penalty area. Long time friend of the Suarez family Patrice Evra has played him on, and this time he finishes coolly into the far corner.

GOAL!!!! Manchester United 0 LIVERPOOL 3 (Luis Suarez 83 min)
82 min Hopefully that's not a sign of what's to come in the World Cup as Suarez dinks the ball over Phil Jones head and the United man collapses to earth in a pile of pasty flesh and bemused expression. It's not 3-0 though, because De Gea produces a truly world class save to keep Suarez's volley out at point blank range in a one on one situation.

80 min Sturridge turns in the area, Carrick hangs out a leg, Sturridge goes to ground. This could easily be a penalty, in fact it's more of a penalty than the last one was. This time Clattenburg waves it away. This is extraordinary now.

79 min If nothing else, that's stopped the mad scramble around the Telegraph sports desk to find the last penalty hat trick.

77 min Well, I've seen some things in my time.... Sturridge into the area, Vidic goes to ground, Sturridge hits the deck. It's a third Liverpool penalty kick. Vidic gets a second yellow card in quick succession which means he is sent off. Gerrard though, on this occasion, goes to the keeper's right and strikes the base of the post.

Vidic gets a second yellow card in quick succession which means he is sent off.
75 min A double change for United sees Danny Welbeck and, yes, it is, it's Tom Cleverley, coming on for Fellaini and Januzaj.

73 min The comprehensive outnumbering of United's midfield continues as Coutinho takes Carrick away creating space for Steven Gerrard to try and become the first Liverpool player to score a hat trick at Old Trafford in 77 years but his deflected shot flies just wide.

70 min Clattenburg is going to leave the full backs on the field here if it kills him. Now Rafael, who's had more reprieves today than I've had chocolate mini-bites, upends Suarez but the referee awards only a free kick, returning to an earlier incident to book Vidic instead.

Vidic gets a second yellow card in quick succession which means he is sent off.

Alan MacDonald says: "Tom Cleverley can be England's secret weapon in this summer's World Cup because the law of averages is firmly on his side and sooner or later he has to complete a pass and not give the ball away."
67 min Despite United's obvious problems, it's going to be Liverpool who twist from the bench first. Coutinho is oiled up ready for action.

65 min Mata strikes from long range but the shot is blocked. Fellaini hits the rebound first time but it sails off in the general direction of that Jason Puncheon penalty at White Hart Lane earlier in the season.

64 min Now perhaps it's Liverpool's turn to reflect on their good fortune with a possible red card. Jon Flanagan, on a yellow card, seems to stamp down on Rafael as they challenge for a bouncing ball. The United man is in apparent agony on the ground, but Clattenburg is happy to let him away with a warning.

59 min Game flowing from one end of the field to the other. United committing more and more bodies forward searching for a way back in, but Liverpool are developing three v three counter attacking situations with alarming frequency as a result. Suarez farcically slips to the floor in the penalty area during one, then picks the wrong pass in the next move. A third Liverpool goal looks likely.

55 min Januzaj's powerful run to the heart of the Liverpool box wins a corner and suggests United might be building a head (or a bit of a puff) of steam. Liverpool, perhaps sensing things need calming down, ask for the play to be stopped so Danbiel Agger can have his eyelashes tended to. Lots of booing. Rooney has, as his nan would no doubt say, gorra propa cob on.

53 min United now want a spot kick of their own as Rooney hits the deck before he can receive a return ball from Mata. Skrtel is the alleged guilty party but, despite the vociferous nature of the appeals from Rooney and the Stretford End, no penalty is forthcoming. Skrtel is, however, booked for a foul in the very next attack.

52 min News reaches us that Mark Clattenburg is the first referee to award two penalties to the away side at Old Trafford in Premier League history (football only started in 1992 remember). Citation needed, but it's what an old editor of mine would have called "too good to check."

Mark Melander offers this ray of hope for the home side: "United fans at the game should be grateful to Gerrard. If they leave now they'll be back in London before it goes dark. #prayformoyes"
49 min Rafael crosses right through the six yard box, but neither Rooney nor Van Persie have gambled on the ball coming through and Johnson is able to turn it behind for a corner which Mignolet springs from his line to claim under no pressure.

Gary Neville says: "I'm amazed David Moyes didn't make changes at half time. Danny Welbeck could have come on certainly. His two wide players were bullied in that first half."
47 min Great half time team talks in the history of Manchester United...
GOAL! Manchester United 0 LIVERPOOL 2 (Steven Gerrard penalty 46 min)
Gerrard goes the same way, to De Gea's left, and although the keeper goes the right way the ball is out of his reach and the lead is doubled.

GOAL! Manchester United 0 LIVERPOOL 2 (Steven Gerrard penalty 46 min
46 min Liverpool kick off, Glen Johnson dinks it in behind the United defence, Joe Allen hits the deck with Phil Jones' shoulder in his back, it's another penalty to the visiting team. No, not kidding.

14.27 Quick rummage through our postbag to see what you've sent us during the first half.
These for our thirteenth minute caption competition...

William Hargreaves: "Aw thanks Brendan, that means a lot to me, so you're sure Jose's not after my job?"
Graeme Whittaker: "Perhaps Brendan is saying 'Did you watch the Scotland play Wales yesterday, well it will be just as bad for you today.'"
And this on the earlier question about Tom Cleverley's potential value at the World Cup... 
 Joseph Tessier: "Tom Cleverley can be England's secret weapon in this summer's World Cup because he can lull the opposition into a correct sense of security."
14.20 So far, so predictable.
Liverpool have dominated large swathes of the first half at Old Trafford as they seek their first win on this ground in six attempts. United continue to labour under the misapprehension that a cross counts as half a goal and their attempts to work Januzaj and Mata into possession in wide areas is as easy to read as the Big Ladybird Book of Football Tactics from 1984.

Liverpool have telegraphed the intention and sent full backs Jon Flanagan and Glen Johnson into battle high up the field, starving the hosts of possession where they want it. Once the ball is back with the visiting team it's being quickly worked in behind a pedestrian pairing of Vidic and Jones at the back for United and the pace of Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling is causing all manner of problems.

 In the end the only thing more surprising than the score only being 1-0 to Liverpool, is that Manchester United's Rafael is still on the pitch. Booked for an ugly lunge on Steven Gerrard the Brazilian inexplicably reached out and swatted aside a ball from Luis Suarez for an obvious handball penalty and, you would have thought, a second yellow. United kept 11 men on the pitch, but they went behind to Gerrard's expertly taken kick.
Your move David Moyes.
Half Time Manchester United 0 Liverpool 1
45+1 min Probably going to have a bit more added time now, with Fellaini still bleeding out all over the place and requiring another slap of Vaseline on his face.

Half Time Manchester United 0 Liverpool 1
44 min United coming home with a wet sail at the end of the first half. Rooney intelligently hangs back on the edge of the area giving him space to crack a fierce volley at goal that Mignolet does well to parry away with two hands. Rooney immediately returns the rebound towards goal but this time it's blocked by Agger. End to end stuff as Vidic's flicked header just about denies Sturridge a sight of goal. Two minutes to be added - shame it's about to be half time really, just as the game is really starting to fizz.

43 min An attempt from Luis Suarez to lob David De Gea from fully 50 yards flies well wide. File that one under ambitious, and on we go.

41 min Rafael at the heart of everything good and bad at the moment. This time he finds Van Persie completely unmarked in the area but Liverpool do belatedly get men around him and deflect a shot on the turn behind for a corner which comes to nothing.

40 min United's best move sees Carrick and Fellaini combine to free Rafael on the edge of the Liverpool box but he tries to work a cute pass into the danger zone rather than taking a shot on and the visitors muscle up and clear the danger.

38 min Fear not United fans, a white knight has appeared on the horizon aboard a noble steed. Tom Cleverley has been sent to warm up.

Reader John Nee, sharp as a tack, asks: "Noble steed... so who is on Tom Cleverley then?"
36 min A clash of heads draws blood from Fellaini, and a yellow card for Steven Gerrard. Slightly harsh that one. Fellaini forced into a revealing change of shorts on the touchline - baggy pants from Littlewoods if I'm not very much mistaken.

  Gary Neville laments: "He's got to change it. There's too much space for Henderson and Allen. Fellaini and Carrick have too much space to cover."
GOAL! Manchester United 0 LIVERPOOL 1 (Steven Gerrard penalty 33 min)
A deep ball to the far post is picked out of the sky by Luis Suarez who turns it back inside Rafael. The Brazilian full back, inexplicably, punches the ball behind. It's an obvious, deliberate handball and it presents Gerrard with a chance to thump in the opening goal from the spot. Rafael, yellow carded just moments before, is lucky to still be on the pitch - does anybody have Dermott Gallagher's phone number?

GOAL! Manchester United 0 LIVERPOOL 1 (Steven Gerrard penalty 33 min)
32 min Penalty to Liverpool.

30 min First booking of the game goes the way of Jon Flanagan who has certainly made a spikey start to the game but has oversteppped the mark this time with a foul on Januzaj by the corner flag. Van Persie's delivery is poor and then, as Gerrard clears the ball away down the field, Rafael hacks into the back of the Liverpool captain and that's booking number two. "Certainly not one to exagerate," says our commentator Rob Hawthorne as Gerrard leaps to his feet after a brief period of rolling around and screaming to chase Mark Clattenburg down the field and have a say on the incident.

27 min Vidic is on hand to intercept the latest slide-rule pass into the United penalty area but, unbalanced, he can only present it to Joe Allen who bounces a volley into De Gea's arms.

26 min Januzaj and Mata have swapped sides, for watchers of such things. Key tactical change, or mere deckchair shifting?

24 min Referee Mark Clattenburg plays advantage through a foul on Raheem Sterling on halfway and Liverpool are able to work Sturridge into the right channel of the box once more. He wins a corner, which they commit six men to the penalty area for, but a training ground routine with a low delivery doesn't quite come off, and then Gerrard hacks a second attempt into the Stretford End.

19 min Stop me if you've heard this one before... Januzaj robbed of possession, Henderson turns the ball in behind Carrick, Suarez feeds Sturridge into the penalty box and although his turn is sharp and clever, the England striker completely miscues his shot.

17 min Game settling down now after an early flurry of violence and penalty appeals. Liverpool patient in possession, United struggling to cut through in the final third. Van Persie controls a deep cross at the back post and looks to immediately bend the ball into the bottom corner with his left foot. It's blocked back to him and he scuffs a second effort to Mignolet with his right. Brendan Rodgers scribbles something about the value of unity on the back of a betting slip.

13 min We'll take your suggestions for today's caption competition to the contact points above. The prize is my love and respect...

Johnson and Flanagan continue to rob United of possession as they play straight balls into the feet of Mata and Januzaj.
10 min Developing theme here... Johnson and Flanagan continue to rob United of possession as they play straight balls into the feet of Mata and Januzaj. Having done so they feed it straight back in behind the home team's back four and the pace of Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling compared to the likes of Jones and Vidic is stark. This time Sterling accelerates into the area but his comeback, like Van Persie's before him, finds nobody. Amber warning light on.

9 min Van Persie is playing. Only just noticed. Skips to the byline, pulls a dangerous ball back into the penalty area, no United player there to convert.
6 min Gerrard and Jones rush towards a loose ball on halfway and the result was only ever going to be a monumental thunder challenge. Jones wins the ball, but comes off worse. He's up and about now. Play continues with Glen Johnson cutting in from right back, onto his left foot, and hitting a deflected shot straight at the keeper.

4 min First moment of controversy. Flanagan pinches the ball from Rafael and frees Luis Suarez into the penalty area. He appears to be fouled as he enters the box by Fellaini but - do not adjust your sets - the Uruguayan actually stays on his feet and continues stumbling towards goal. Then Phil Jones slides in on him and toes the ball behind for a corner. Suarez is furious, holding his tongue but gesturing towards the referee. Could easily have been a penalty.

2 min First serious attack looks ominous for the home team as Daniel Sturridge easily finds space to run in behind Phil Jones and unload a shot on goal which beats David De Gea at his near post, but flashes just wide.

1 min United kick off, and knock it around in their own half for a bit, but the first clue as to their approach is seen when Liverpool take possession. As usual, the visitors try and play the ball into a central man and work triangles off him but Fellaini snaps into Henderson immediately and doesn't allow him time to turn and pass. Is that Moyes' plan?

13.30 Three, two, one... football begins.
13.28 We'll play the Premier League theme music for copyright purposes; then all the footballers will shake hands before commencing the snidey diving, kicking and baiting; then we'll have an advert for the latest live odds; then the football will begin. All the football. Super, duper, uber, megatron Sunday to end all Sundays ever is about to commence. Brace positions.

13.25 United leave Liverpool waiting in the Old Trafford tunnel. In everyday life that would be referred to as "rudeness". In football this is referred to as "mind games."

Here they come, finally, led out by referee Mark Clattenburg - quite a vote of confidence in him in the midst of another controversial campaign for the no-nonsense official.
Liverpool fans display a banner saying "make us dream."

Liverpool fans display a banner saying "make us dream."
Brendan Rodgers, highlighting just how far and fast United are falling by comparing today's clash to a game against Championship-bound Cardiff: "Eleven points is a huge gap at this stage but there are still a lot of points to play for. We come here with great belief and confidence. There’s no guarantee that if we win all ten games we’ll win the title. Lats week we had a tough game at Southampton, this will be tough, next week against Cardiff will be equally tough in a different way."
Here's some rip-roaring, shout-from-the-rooftops, outraegous over pre-match confidence from David Moyes, looking like a man who's just been to a particularly dull funeral: "We can only try and do our job. We have to do better at Old Trafford than we have done. It’s a great opportunity for us today, we’ve played quite well of late."
13.10 While Jamies Redknapp and Carragher move draughts pieces around on a board in what looks very much like a dentist's waiting room, or possibly some horrible city centre bar named after its post code, here's some mild tubthumping from Liverpool's Steven 'Stevie' Gerrard...

 Stevie G: "Putting the rivalry aside this is one of our difficult games of the ten we have left; if we can take maximum points here it’s a huge statement. Because of where we are with no other distractions we can prepare and put everything into each game. We need to go and show everyone today that we’re real contenders, to do that we have to win games like this and play well."
13.00 But hang on a minute here. This is Manchester United we’re talking about here. Write them off at your peril and all that. Perhaps they’re just lulling us all into a false sense of security. Perhaps this is where David Moyes’ reign really kicks into gear. Perhaps this is all typical media hyperbole and over-reaction...
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